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Does your baby have lip or tongue tie?

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On the heart of the Mackay region, KIDS is a place for KIDS and their Families of any age, where we are able to address a range of health-related issues the natural way.

We work with a range of specialists in their health field to provide you with the options and choice for your KIDS health that meet your needs. Our dental services range from orthodontics to cosmetic dentistry and a wide variety of other dental treatments.

Providing more than dental care, our Mackay location currently offers services that involve a Speech Therapist, Nutritionist and Lactation Consultant, also offering a great range of Children's Dentistry services thought out to provide your kids with the dental health they deserve. With this trained group of Health Professionals, we are able to take a holistic approach to your KIDS health in both the short and long term.

MacKay Dental Clinic

KIDS has been created with care by the DentalCareXtra team to offer the best children dentist and health services Mackay has to offer and provide you with the care and quality you and your family deserve. From Lip and Tongue Tie release, Certified Provider for Myobrace – Straight Teeth the Natural way, to special care Kids Dentistry.

More than dentists in Mackay, we gathered at our clinic the most skilled professionals of oral health and function - such as podiatrists and chiropractors. 

KIDS has been created to meet the needs of the entire family – as we believe in healthy kids should be nurtured by nature.

Does your baby have lip or tongue tie?

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Yes! We do payment plans.

We understand the need to budget your kids' dentistry expenses. Payments can be spread over a period of time to help you manage the overall cost. We offer a Denti-Care payment plan solution to eligible patients, so your child can receive the treatment they need now. Find out more!

Yes! We do payment plans.

Did you know?

Head and neck pains and snoring are conditions that often start in childhood. It's relatively easily fixed now, but so much more expensive and harder to fix in grown-ups.

Symptoms to look for in your child:

mouth breathing
Possible signs of lip/tongue tie in babies

Possible signs of lip/tongue tie in babies

  • Poor latch/inability to latch
  • Fatigue during feeds
  • Clicking during a feed
  • Nipple/breast infections
  • Sliding off the nipple
  • Poor weight gain
  • Maternal nipple pain/damage
  • Digestive issues (increased gassiness and reflux)

Approximately 5% of newborns are born with a restricted frenum, which can be fixed with a simple procedure.

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We would love to share with you feedback from our Patients, but the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency regulates what we are allowed to publish about the care Heath Professional provide.   You can however visit our Facebook Page for some feedback from our Patients.

KIDS is also a Accredited Quality Innovation Performance (QIP) Practice - which means that we abide by National Quality Dental Standard, Procedures and Processes. 


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We aim to provide our patients with the highest quality of care not just to their teeth but as well as to their overall state of wellness.

New in our Practice is Belinda Wix, our Nutritional Therapist, here to help you achieve and move towards creating your optimal health.

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